What Happens in Vegas Meme

Las Vegas is the fantasy land where we long to go with our friends for very obvious reasons. And besides, we all have seen the movie ‘What happens in Vegas’, were ‘Jack’ and ‘Joe’ performed a drunken-marriage, won three million, tried divorcing, fell in love and stayed happily ever after, right?

If you have been to Vegas already you are either a millionaire or a homeless broke-ass who is reading this article on a tab that you just stole. And if you haven’t been to Vegas, here are a few memes that you might like and share and things that you might do or not do.



Win a Fortune or Lose One

This is a heaven for all the gamblers on earth. You can win a million using just a cent or win a cent by losing millions. Are you a virtuous man who works hard? If the answer is ‘yes’ stay away from Vegas, because in Vegas you are as useful as dog-shit. There isn’t any place for hard workers here, just the lucky ones who can win fortunes or the unlucky ones who can make the Casino rich are welcomed.


Make Friends with Strangers

If you see a hot-looking girl, you can just approach her and strike a friendly conversation. If she does not rob you in the next two hours, or tell you her ‘rate per hour’, you have a friend. As simple as that!


Get Married!

You can follow the example of Jack and Joy. Find your favorite stranger, literally you’re your brains out, dip it in alcohol, go to a marriage registrar and GET MARRIED! And if you win a fortune as Jack did in the movie, remember that you might have to share it with your spouse. Too much cost for fun? Maybe.


Try Not to End Up in a Trash Can

When people set foot in Vegas, they switch-on a mode called ‘Don’t-Work-Party-Hard’. There are too many places where you can get to see sexy striptease and do some body-shots. Do all of them and the next thing you know in the morning is waking up inside a trash can with the worst hangover of your life.

If you come back from Vegas without going to jail for debt, being broke, getting robbed, married with the wrong person, or contracting an STD, we will congratulate you!


Happy Vacaying Folks!



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