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History has it that our forefathers and foremothers had sex freely with whomever they liked before social conventions and ethical norms hit them like a hammer on the head. BAM! After which they had only one partner assigned to them with whom they could fulfill their carnal desires (how boring)!

Centuries passed before the world saw our generation, a group of confused souls hanging between the past and the future while lacking a present. We would rather like getting engrossed in a 6’’ mobile screen than say ‘hi’ to the oldie who is watching in utter amazement.

And let’s accept it, one of the reasons for our DOA Love lives is our dear darling phones and tablets. No matter how much we love our gadgets, we can’t really ‘make love’ to it. Can we?

But we are a bunch of frustrated geniuses who know how to merge the two and get rid of our frustration. Huh! So we invented the ‘SEND NUDES’ trend. A phrase we say to random people to try our luck and we won’t stop saying it unless the police get after us or we become impotent.

Guys, get a thing clearly- no one in the history of mankind got a nude by asking for a nude from a stranger.

Some of us who don’t care to have a love life often feel the need for one, not because we have a romantic soul or anything, but because it would have been easier for our ‘one-eyed-friend’. *wink*

Want nudes?

Maybe click a few of your own- save them in the gallery- open it at untimely hours- and get surprised!  Ta-da! You have nudes (doesn’t matter if it’s of your own, just stop bothering people for Satan’s sake! ).

Asking for nudes from random people can earn you a black eye or a free trip to the hospital, and in worst case scenarios it can get you d**k pics from guys who are pretending to be girls on social media. We all have been through those cringe-worthy experiences at some point or the other, right?

However, if your frustration is on another level, keep trying till your face gets printed on the cover page of a magazine called ‘DESPERATE-BOYS’!

If you are hell-bent on your quest to get nudes from your crush after your very first date, boys, there are really smart women out there. You can get some of the most unexpected things like …

Ladies, if you have a boyfriend who constantly bothers you with his random ‘send nudes’ messages. Don’t get annoyed. Instead just ask him to do things you have wanted him to do since forever in exchange for some steamy pictures. You shall see everything done in no time! Boyfriends become supermen when you talk of flattering their ‘little-half’.

Let me talk about personal experience here.

So, I sent the unflattering ‘send nudes’ to my girlfriend and after a long while of no-reply, I made a video call, thinking of surprising her with a panoramic view!  (What an idea!!!)

After the call was accepted, the first thing I noticed was a mustache, then a pair of glasses and ultimately when I came out of the shock, I noticed a dismayed face of an old man looking down at my bare-bottom in disgust!! Yes it was her father and that was the last call I made to her, which was a week ago and now I am here to lecture you on this topic.

Guys, on a serious note, asking and sending nudes can land you in some serious trouble or give you the ultimate horrific experience of your life (which was in my case), and if you have been there too, share these GIFs to express it better.

So let’s not do it, it isn’t cool. Be civil. ‘’Live and let live’’.  


Shashank Jain, the founder of good-name, is a young and energetic entrepreneur who has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking.

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