Dealing with life is a mess these days. I mean with so much of stupidity around, one might feel like a sociopath at times.


I too feel like that and in those moments I tune in to check some Rick and Morty gif!


They are hilarious I tell you. It clearly shows how extremely annoying it is to deal with unintelligent people day in and out. It is perhaps for this reason that one turns into a sociopath! Seriously who can take in that amount of stupidity?! But as you know its illegal to kill people. I mean, even I at times feel like killing people who ask me silly questions with an equally silly smile!


In such moments I feel like choking them to death. How cares what the law and order say?! Such unintelligent people need to die! But then I hold myself back, it’s very difficult but I do, and to calm myself to go for Rick and Morty gif!


Rick and Morty’s gifs have based a comic about a sociopath scientist and his super stupid but good-hearted grandson.


Going through multiple Rick and Morty gif sharpens my imagination. Similar to the anime, I too imagine going to a different dimension having the adventures of a lifetime.

Rick and Morty gifs have taught me an intelligent lesson-escaping!


Yes, I do escape when I get encircled by stupidity! So whenever I come across such people capable of asking me stupid questions, I instantly imagine myself in a parallel dimension where I am killing that person with a big laser gun!


I imagine myself popping their heads like bubbles and dancing myself to glory after it. Rick and Morty gifs are thus helping me. I would have been a renowned murderer otherwise.


Coming to the next most interesting thing about Rick and Morty gifs is the relationship between the grandfather and grandson, i.e Rick and Morty. I wish to have that sort of a relationship with my grandfather. But alas!! he is sleeping 12 hours a day. Forget accompanying me to a different dimension, that old man cannot even go to the bathroom without panting like a fat Panda!


So if you are one of those people who loves imagining situations, Rick and Morty are surely for you.


Enjoy and share with your friends! Also read Rick and Morty Wifi Names


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