ARIES( March21st – April 20th)                                                                          

General Traits–  You are the fire-breathing dragon of the zodiac and you are sure to destroy anything (living or non-living) that challenges you.

Aries’ Quote‘’My way or the highway.’’


If You’re Single– You have made the right decision by staying single as your feisty nature isn’t suitable for any kind of companionship. If you have made the unfortunate decision of looking for companionship in 2019, we would recommend you to buy a ROBOT instead that does not challenge you.

If You’re Taken– It is a wonder if you are taken, and we are assuming that your girlfriend/boyfriend is a saint, who puts up with your bullshit on a daily basis.  Hold on to that person else you would die single.


TAURUS( April 21st – May 20th)                                     


General Traits- You are the Foodie of the zodiac and a pizza is perhaps sexier to you than your partner. WTF! You were born to become a couch potato and if a person ever makes it to the Guinness book of world record for stubbornness, it will be a TAURUS!

Taurus’ Quote-  ‘’I Love you too, now let’s order those fries.’’


If You’re Single– If you are single then consider yourself taken, as food is always bae!! Your love-story with burgers and other junk foods would be written in golden words after you become a ghost that still craves for food. In 2019, we recommend you to search for a partner who loves food as much as you do.




If You’re Taken- If a soul has managed to pull your stubborn ass out (partially) from that pit where you lived happily with food then, good luck to your partner as the person (If not a Taurus) will continue to feel like an outsider in his/her own love story throughout 2019 and forever.

GEMINI( May 21st – June 20th)

General Traits– If ever you came across a person who talked so much that it confused the shit out of you then he/she was 100% a Gemini. Tell a Gemini to shut-up and he will start having stomach cramps (literally)!

Gemini’s Quote – ‘’I don’t need oxygen to live, I just need to blabber.’’


If You’re Single– If your killer looks and infectious laughter did not fetch you a partner yet, then chances are that your smart mouth has pissed the last potential partner off. In 2019 if you buy a tape and put it around your mouth anytime you sense verbal diarrhoea is on its way, you have a good chance of getting the love of your life.

If you’re Taken– So the flame of love is already shining brightly in your life? Great. Just make sure you keep heavy objects away from your partner whenever you open your mouth to talk because in 2019 your head has a chance of getting cracked open like an egg owing to the autonomy of your mouth.

CANCER( June 21st – July 22nd)


General Traits– You are the nurturer of the zodiac at your best, and a ranting king/queen at worst. Your tears count for more volume of water in your country than all the lakes combined together.

Cancer Quote- ‘’ I am more of your mother than your partner, and shall always be.’’


If You’re Single– Your delicate heart has perhaps been broken more than once, and you have probably sworn to never love ever again. Right? Don’t you worry, 2019 will bring another person whom you can scare away with your super clingy nature.

If You’re Taken– It is no surprise if you are taken, as your super adorable look lands you up in (messy) relationships super quick. Just make sure that you don’t love and feed home cooked-food to the poor soul so much that, God too develops a wish to have his company soon. 

LEO(July 23rd – August 22nd)

General Traits– Leos are the kings and queens of the zodiac, at least they think so. And if you don’t think the same way, it doesn’t matter to them (it’s your problem)! Their greatness has surpassed the periphery of this globe and a book has been written about their flamboyance on another planet which is yet to be released on Earth.

Leo Quote- “of course you love me, I love me too.’’


If You’re Single– If you are single because you have chosen to be so (Quick Fact -they have been dumped 73 times because of their narcissistic nature)  it rocks! Right? 2019 too has singlehood in store for you.






If You’re Taken– You are generous and gregarious by nature so much so that your partner would often complain that you ‘’stole their thunder’’, but you can’t help it, you are a simply a Leo! In 2019 try to notice that there is another person in your life apart from your own self.

VIRGO(August 23rd – September 22nd)

General Traits– The pervert and the most annoying sign in the zodiac. You are super finicky and a pain in the ass to be honest even though you have the sexiest vocabulary on earth. You like to criticize people often, but if a person says a single thing about you all hell breaks loose!

Virgo Quote- ‘’Get out of my way, I need to start vacuuming.’’


If You’re Single– You are better-off this way. You are a nun (quite similar to the one in the horror movie) from inside who believes in strict discipline and rigorous cleaning. So keep cleaning until you scrub your skin off, why search for a partner and make the poor soul miserable?\






If You’re Taken– Your partner probably wakes up with you vacuuming HIM in the morning!! And if that person is putting up with your intolerable OCDs, hold onto that person, coz in 2019 and forever you aren’t going to get anyone like them.

LIBRA(September 23rd – October 22nd)

General Traits– You are the snowflake of the zodiac. Everything that is a little out of place offends you. Your sense of justice is so freakishly strong that it would give the judges of the International Court of Justice a legit terror!

Libra Quote- ‘’ I want justice, but I can’t decide what is right.’’


If You’re Single-A libra is high-maintenance yet never single. You were born for companionship. But if you are unfortunately single, it is perhaps because your confused soul could not decide which application to accept and which all to reject, 2019 shall see many more of those rejected applications.

If You’re Taken– You are an excellent partner and a social butterfly! But your love for peace creates chaos and your sense of justice is somehow never just! 2019 would give your ”just” and ”peace-loving nature” a boost and make it impossible for your partner to bear.

SCORPIO(October 23rd to November 21st)

General Traits– Your passion runs deeper than the ocean and once a person enters your life, you seek to drown that innocent creature in it! Your possessiveness is more than a ghost that seeks to possess human beings.

Scorpio Quote- ‘’ I’ll cut every bitch in half who dares to look at bae.’’


If You’re Single– It is because you are impossible to read and scare people away. Your strong nature and stubborn head can be a turn-off. You are simply too hot to handle for anyone. 2019 would get you a cute boy/girl whom you would scare away in a whole new way again. Just wait for it.



If You’re Taken–  of course, you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you are the sex God Afterall. In 2019, your extreme loyal and passion might lead you towards the rocky road of marriage i.e. if you don’t end up in jail by killing anyone who was trying to hit on your bae.

SAGITTARIUS(November 23rd – December 21st)

General Traits– You are the commitment-phobic and the traveller of the zodiac. You think that you were born to go to places that aren’t on the map. You are also notorious for your flirty nature and acid tongue ( ‘honesty’ as you would call it).

Sagittarius quote- ‘’I don’t need to explore your body when I can do the same with the world-map!’’


If You’re Single– If your commitment-phobic nature has kept you single then, chances are that in 2019 you would commit to your phobia and live happily/sadly with it ever after.


If You’re Taken– After breaking 19869 hearts if you have finally chosen someone with whom you want to explore the world 2019 would be the starting of one of the greatest romances in history.

CAPRICORN( December 22nd – January 19th)

General Traits– You are the workaholic of the zodiac and very security oriented. This combination makes you the most boring person on earth. But once you leave your desk, you are a whole new person and can give even the adventure-loving Sagittarius a good challenge.

Capricorn Quote-‘’Work is always my first love everything else is secondary.’’


If You’re Single– It isn’t surprising that you are single as you haven’t looked up the dictionary for the word ‘fun’ yet. In 2019, find out the meanings of words like ‘YOLO’, ‘FOMO’, ‘Netflix and chill’ etc, then apply them in your life, and you will get someone amazing.







If You’re Taken– Do you find your laptops damaged beyond repair often?  Then your super pissed partner is probably trying to divert you from your laptop and tell you that they exist in your life too. In 2019 give some attention to your personal life, else your hands will have to start working double shifts soon. 

AQUARIUS( January 20th – February 18th)

General Traits– Human language won’t suffice to describe you as you are to a major extent an alien. Your crazy and quirky characteristics make other people want to lock you up in a museum, or tie you up with a rocket and launch it into space.

Aquarius Quote- ‘’ I don’t love, I explore other human beings.’’


If You’re Single–  You are too cool for anyone to find any traces of warmth in you. Human from this planet and their affairs isn’t your cup of tea and you have understood that by now. In 2019 there is a strong chance of an alien falling in love with you, look forward to it.



If You’re Taken– Your craving for detachment goes against the nature of conventional (earthly) love affair, and your demand for space is perhaps more than what space is available in the universe. Thanks to your nature, there lie immense chances of arguments with your partner in 2019, so watch out.

PISCES(February 19th – March 20th)

General Trait– You are the dreamer of the zodiac. You are also the douchebag magnet, who attracts all sorts of jerks. The world doesn’t deserve you and your love. So our advice to you would be, rent an apartment in another planet and settle there.

Pisces Quote- ‘’I’m the sweetest person on earth till you piss me off.’’


If You’re Single– It isn’t a problem to you if you are single because most of the times you live in your own imaginary world, and have a relationship with a character that doesn’t exist. And if it isn’t the case then, wait a little more as 2019 will get you the right person who is just as sweet.



If You’re Taken– You make are an empathetic soul in a relationship, just stop blaming your partner for being real with you and stop, placing unrealistic expectations on him/her. 2019 might be the year which would make you stop fucking with your own life and get shit done in real for you.


                                                                    ZODIAC COMPATIBILITY CHART

DISCLAIMER-  The above article is for entertainment only. This is not intended to hurt or to offend anyone.


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