Keke Challenge Memes- You can’t decide whether to Laugh or to Cry

The idea of people dancing outside their cars while it moves at a slow pace sounds outlandish right? But the population of our very own planet were tired of behaving like normal human beings who thought about safety first. So, they resorted to taking the KEKE challenge, and we have some hilarious Keke memes on it which you can share if you find it funny.

What is Keke Challenge? 

This challenge involves three steps.

  • Step 1- Think about the insane idea of getting out of a moving car and actually go through with it.


  • Step 2- Dance to Drake’s song ‘Keke do you love me?’’ like an ape/pro (depends on your dancing skills) outside your car as it moves. It is important to look as if you have COMPLETELY LOST IT at this stage!


  • Step 3- If you have not bumped into a pole or been hit by a car already, then you need to hop right back into your car, after aping around for a
  • couple of minutes.


‘’Keke do you love me?’’- The answer is an emphatic NO!

Nobody knows who Keke is. But the very name being that of a girl led to innumerable people proposing her. If you are somebody who has taken the Keke challenge then, you are a gaping idiot. Keke is an intelligent girl who would not love an imbecile like you.

When You Should the Keke Challenge

Police in various countries has issued warnings against the Keke challenge, after some videos of accidents occurring while taking the challenge surfaced. However, if you still wish to perform it, give the following lines a careful read as you are probably one of the following.

  1. You are desperate for publicity of any kind whatsoever.
  2. You have a death wish.
  3. You want the world to laugh at you.
  4. Bumping into an iron pole has been on your checklist since forever.
  5. You fantasize about falling into an open manhole and wading through sewage.

Dear Keke-challenge-lover, if you don’t care about your own self it is completely fine, but don’t subject sane people to the torture of viewing your tomfooleries.



# Keke_doesnt _love_you.

#If_you_do_this_challenge_neither_do _we!!


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