I am Sorry GIF


Every guy as soon as he hits puberty guns and mostly scores a girlfriend. That’s how advanced society is nowadays. As the relationship or dating or whatever the little twerps are calling it these days, progresses, Fights start. Someone is at fault here, and if history teaches us anything, its always the guys’ fault. Maybe the girl is in the wrong here, doesn’t matter, it’s always the guy’s fault.

Now we’ve successfully established that it’s guy’s fault. Now he has to apologize. There is one effective way to apologize and cheer a girl, it’s buying a teddy and a buck load of chocolates. But, what if you’re not near your girlfriend? A simple text saying sorry doesn’t cut it. You need to melt her heart with a huge text running pages saying how sorry you are and all that crap.

To avoid these shenanigans, our ancestors, the GIF lords created “Sorry” GIF for lovers. Imagine saying sorry with a GIF containing a Pikachu with its sad puppy eyes or a teddy holding a beating heart with puppy eyes saying sorry? Better yet, what if it’s an actual sad puppy saying I’m sorry? Wouldn’t that just melt not just a girl’s heart but everyone’s heart?

“Sorry” GIF for lovers nowadays has become more popular than Kim Kardasian’s butt. Every lover in the town is using it. Doesn’t matter the mistake he did or didn’t do. Just send a “Sorry” GIF to the girlfriend. Did you forget about her birthday? “Sorry” GIF is a click away. Did you forget to text back? “Sorry” GIF at your service.

Did she stop texting suddenly? Maybe there’s no fight and she just got a call or something, just send a “Sorry” GIF, just to be safe. Trust me guys, this trick saved me a lot of times. I thought she was busy but she was mad, good thing I sent her a “Sorry” GIF

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