Hysterical Laughter Memes

Laughter is everyone’s best friend. Infants laugh. Adults laugh. Oldies laugh. Laughter is the cure of many maladies and the best part is….any guess?

It’s free!

The development of laughter is much like the development of a human being, from a baby to an elderly person (who acts like a baby!).

So, first there is a SMILE-  this makes a person look really pretty.

Then comes  LAUGHTER – at this stage, some of you might start looking ugly! (No offence)

And then comes  HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER – the one that SCARES PEOPLE AWAY! Or Make you pee your pants!!

If you relate to any of these memes or any of it reminds you of someone, do not hesitate to share it with them.


Have you laughed so hard that it sounded pure demonic and the entire room went silent? Congratulations, you have a superpower! People in authority have to raise their voice in order to achieve what mere laughter of yours’ can effortlessly do!

When you feel a burst of hysterical laughter developing in your tummy. It can be like diarrhoea, it an come out uncontrolled (from your mouth).

You might need a body for a modelling career but you don’t need teeth to laugh.

Now that we have discussed that hysterical laughter can be like diarrhoea, there can be situations where you might want to laugh hysterically, for example- your teacher farted out loud in front of the whole class! But you might just want to maintain an ‘I-Heard-No-Funny-Noise’ face.

Are you one of those weirdoes who was born to confuse the world? Because people cannot make out whether you are laughing hysterically or crying, as you do both. At the same time!  Then this article is probably making you laugh… no cry…. No laugh! I don’t know man, I am confused too.

If you are Mr Funny or at least think that you are, you would relate to the following meme. Because I am sure that you laugh at your own jokes than anyone else.

If your friends and relatives aren’t listening to your constant pleas of leaving you alone, here is a solution- Laugh Hysterically for no apparent reason! You shall achieve your goal by scaring the hell out of them.

Those of you who haven’t laughed at this laughter-related article yet, here are some memes that will surely crack you up.

Live. Laugh. Laugh Harder!


Disclaimer- The purpose of this article is to provide light-hearted entertainment. To mock or hurt any community or belief-system is not intended.




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