Memes are ruling the world of internet, whenever we browse the internet memes pop up everywhere. Memes are available in an array of options such as images, GIF and videos, memes are mostly used to express one’s idea or opinion in a creative and witty way.

Video memes have become very popular and people are going crazy about them. They are so enjoyable and people love making them and also viewing them. However, do you know that they are very easy to make and you can make them all by yourself Yes, indeed there are a lot of meme-making software’s in which you can make video memes on your own and they are very easy to make.

But before creating a meme you should keep few things in mind like your content should be funny and short but it should be appropriate as well.

How to make video memes on Computer
How to make video memes on Computer

To start with always choose a reliable tool to transform your ideas completely in the memes, we will recommend Filmora meme maker; it is an online tool which is completely free to use. This is a programme which requires no extra efforts expect drag and drop of GIF, image or video and guess what the plus point is you don’t have download the videos as it supports YouTube and Vimeo video links you just have to copy the URL link without the hassle of downloading it and then working on it.

STEP 1: Browse for the Filmora and then download it.

STEP2:  Click on the ‘click here to upload’ tab or on the drag to import material.

STEP 3: Once you are done with the selection of the material go to the meme editor page and edit it by using the tools on the left panel.

STEP 3: Once you are happy with the stuff tap on the ‘CREATE’ button and give it some time to generate the meme.

STEP4: Once it is done tap on the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button and save the meme.

STEP5: Share it all across the social media platforms like twitter, Facebook, Instagram.   


Video memes are more in trend than the image memes. So here is one of the most trending and simple app ‘The video & GIF memes’ app is a free app and is a great option to create a video memes or , when you install the app and as soon as you open it you will give you various options to choose from, if you want to make a video meme or a GIF meme or multiple pictures (you have to choose multiple pictures to make a meme) these all options will be available there to choose.

STEP1: Choose the input file from the gallery or the trending options offered by the app.

STEP2: Tap on the top or bottom row to add the text if you don’t have anything in mind or can’t think what to write, you can tap on the example option that will offer you the ideas and you can press it multiple times till you get the desired results.

STEP3: Create the video meme and share on the social media.


Creating video memes from online websites was never so easy, Kapwing is one of the most trending and easy online website to use, but it will leave a water mark if you are using it for free if you want to remove that water mark you need to sign up for the subscription. You will be freed from all the hassles of login to edit or create memes.  

STEP1: Browse for Kapwing

STEP2: Upload a video

STEP3: Select the   template, say black or white, and enter the text and emojis in header and footer

STEP4: Edit the text and customize the font size, style and height.

STEP5: Tap on the create button and wait till the result is generated.

STEP6: Click on the Download button and save the video meme on your PC or on whatever you are using. Share it on the social media.  

Make the most of this software and then make a lot of video memes which will be super fun to watch and make and of course share with your friends and family. Do not forget to tag a lot of friends and tell them how you make these videos. Your friends and family members are going to have a good time with you and them sharing and making so many meme videos with the softwares. Hope the article was helpful.

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