The internet is perhaps the most important invention after ‘the wheel’. One helps you get fat by transporting you from one place to another, and the other facilitated in transferring information to the hard disk your brain a few hours before exams, without which you probably would have been harvesting cauliflowers to make a living by now.

The name of the antenna-attached member of your family can be made super amusing and might serve as a handy tool to either perplex your neighbors, play flirty, anonymous love- games with your girl next door, or simply freak people out (depending on your level of evilness) and if you are already doing any of it, we wish your neighbors‘ good luck’ for keeping their sanity intact!

What follows is an account of some of the wi-fi names from the wittiest people around the world, that will either crack you up or freak you out.

  1. We Can Hear You Having Sex– So, You had the brilliant idea of checking your phone while having (noisy) sex (trust me, people do that more often than you think), imagine turning on your wi-fi finder and finding a name that says ‘WE CAN HEAR YOU HAVING SEX! Embarrassing? You feel that your privacy has been encroached upon? Well, be glad instead, that you did not find a wi-fi named ‘WE CAN SEE YOU HAVING SEX’.

  1. I Am Under Your Bed– If someone made a spoof of a super thrilling horror movie, this would be the name of the wi-fi of the ghost! And if your quirky neighbour has set this name to spook you out, then, settling for a name that reads ‘I Am in Your Bed’ won’t be much of a crime.

  1. My Neighbours Suck– The classic example of a complain-bag who isn’t too happy with his life or his neighbourhood. Try sending this fellow a bag of sugar candies and a bunch of straws along with it, so that he too can (literally) suck on whatever he wants from the next time.

  1. Use Karle Bhikhari – If you come across this name of a wi-fi, in all probability it belongs to desi dude, who is insulting you and showing his charitable nature at the same time (wow!), you might want to throw a few cents at his face. But let’s be real, you aren’t that smart to find this hunk out. So, swallow the insult and move on.
  1. 2Girlsin1dormroom– As soon as you see this name on your device, give that X-rated movie that has already started playing inside your head a check immediately. It is very much possible that, ‘space’ which is absent in this wi-fi name, would be present between them in reality. They might be ‘’just friends’’ studying together or solving puzzles in the dorm room. You dirty mind, ever thought of that?


  1. Beauty before Duty– Just by the name of the wi-fi, we can tell a ton about this creature (who probably has an XX combination of chromosomes). This person sleeps for at least 8 hours, eats next to nothing, and is contributing significantly to the upward going sales-curve of the cosmetic industry.


  1. Will you marry me?  The owner of this wi-fi is the human version of the cartoon character ‘Jonny Bravo’, who, much like the character itself, must have been slapped around for being too hasty and desperate (my hand is itching already). But if you are somebody whose miserable life lacks a spouse, then this might be the person (just saying)!



  1. Bring Beer and Women to 40.2– A traditional douchebag who is plainly asking you to kick his balls. You can surely send a few expired beers along with some female scorpions wrapped in a box to 40.2.



  1. House of LANnister – A PUNTASTIC one! Bow down in respect before this LAN, simply because you don’t want either Cersei or any her fans to get offended. Exercising your back is any day a more alluring idea than having your throat cut off unless you have a death wish already.



Shashank Jain, the founder of good-name, is a young and energetic entrepreneur who has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking.

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