It is very much a matter of fact that a brother and sister are like branches on a tree they grow in different directions yet their roots remain as one. They fight and cry irritate each other, knock each other down all day long, but at the end of the day cannot live apart from each other.  So it is wisely said that brothers and sisters share their bond like “Tom and Jerry” annoying but at the same time cute.

Apart from the “not genuine” cries after fights, blackmailing evidence and sympathy in arguments; siblings have many more weapons in their armory to keep up the thrill and excitement in each others’ lives. One such weapon is nicknamed. Addressing your siblings by weird embarrassing nicknames is one of the most sought after tasks of siblings and saving these nicknames as your contact ID in your phones if not less than awarding a Nobel laurel to the legend himself.

funny contact names for sister

Here are some cute, weirdly, funny little names that a brother keeps for her sister after those big giant fights against you.

  1. Hitler:-If your sister is an angry girl or a lady.
  2. Tiny tot:-If your sister is petite, you can give her a nickname based on her stature
  3. Little Rabbit:-If your sister is quite a little shy person.
  4. Sorority sister:-If your sister snores loudly in her sleep.
  5. Book worm:-If your sister loves reading books.
  6. Khaleesi:-If your sister has beautiful blonde hair.
  7. Twin:- A pair name if you have a twin sister.
  8. Barbie:- A cute little name for your sister if she acts like a Barbie doll.
  9. Cartoon:-If your sister is extremely funny and cute.
  10. Daisy:- A cute little name if your sister is as gentle as a flower.
  11. Lioness:-If your sister is a fearless lady and is not afraid of anyone
  12. Siso:-It’s just an abbreviation of the word sister this word can be used to call your sister out of love and affection
  13. Disneybaby:-If your sister still acts like Disney character and is into the Disney fantasy
  14. Munchkin:-If your sister is a cute and a short little child.
  15. Blush:-If your sister is really a beautiful and a kind heart soul and is pretty from inside and outside
  16. Dramaqueen:-If your sister is an amazing actor for “#fakecries”

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funny contact names for Brother

Like though even sisters have amazing names for their horrifying brothers.

  1. Lampkin:-If your brother is a shy guy, this name suits the best.
  2. Vista:-If your brother has blue eyes.
  3. Shortcake:-If your brother is short and cute.
  4. Conductor:-This sounds a little offended but for instance, your brother gestures a lot.
  5. Gummy bear:-If your brother is a bit fat and cute, this name could be in your suggestions.
  6. Perv:-If your brother is very mean.
  7. Forgy:-This name could suggest for that time when your brother’s grades change from a D to a B.
  8. Adopted:-You could use this name to tease him, that he is different.
  9. Bart:-If your brother is a trouble maker.
  10. Brosky:- A Slavic twist on bro.
  11. Pinocchio:-If your brother has a really long nose to poke in.
  12. Angryman:-If your brother is an aggressive kind of nature.
  13. Power ranger:-If your brother is kind of heroic personality
  14. Donkey:-Could sound a little harsh but if your brother is lazy then this is the name to be chosen(“Donkeys are hardworking too”).
  15. Baldo:-Just an abbreviation of bald if in case your baby brother or brother has less hair or no hair on his head

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 You could also make many lovely pair names with your siblings such as salt and ice, sugar and spice, Scarlett and Rhett.

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