Memes on Fidget Spinners that will Make Your Day

So, you are jobless! You have realized that academics isn’t your cup of tea, and by now you are probably planning on joining the porn industry instead than be one of those black-blazered-bores, whom your mom-dad seem to adore for their academic successes!! If all of the above stand true in your case then, fidget spinner is just the thing for you.

Gone are the days when children played with stuffed-toys, bats, balls, and barbies. People are getting quirkier and so are their playthings. Children these days play with a miniature fan-like thing that rotates on its axis on their fingertips. Could one ever imagine playing with a weird-looking plastic thing 20 years back from now?!


If you have an anti-social mindset and want to kill the present boyfriend of your ex-girlfriend, but somehow do not have the guts to do so, why not kill time instead? And the best weapon is … any guess?

Your very own Fidget spinner.

All the psychiatrist, psychologist, and counselors in the world know nothing and all the drugs to cure mental distress are shits too. Nothing but a three-winged thing used by millennials of low self-esteem can cure your  ADHD, stress and anxiety disorder. Fidget spinner is your panacea.

Do You think that your reflection with a fidget spinner spinning on the tip of your finger, looks like that of the Indian God, Lord Krishna with the chakra? Hah! Dude, you look like a complete moron on the contrary (LOL)!!



But people who are in real distress and cannot focus, no matter what, fidget spinners are not the right way to find solace. These miniature space-shuttle-like looking things might distract you at best. Mate get hold of your own self instead, take all the professional help that you want, and face the challenge called ‘life’!   

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With all the Love.

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