DoorDash is one of the most popular food delivery services in the world. With a user-friendly app, free delivery for the first 30 days, plus a DashPass add-on, consumers have made DoorDash their go-to app for food delivery.

The DoorDash text meme has become a popular internet phenomenon, with people sharing humorous images and captions that poke fun at the awkward and sometimes uncomfortable situations that can arise when using the food delivery service. 

These memes typically feature text message exchanges between DoorDash drivers and customers, highlighting common scenarios such as when the driver arrives before the customer is ready or when there’s confusion over the delivery location.

While they may be funny, these memes also serve as a reminder of the challenges and quirks that come with using delivery services in our modern world.

When The DoorDash Driver Texts You ‘I’m Outside But You Haven’t Even Showered Yet

When You Finally Decide On What To Order From DoorDash, The Restaurant Is Closed

When You’re Tracking Your DoorDash Delivery And It’s Been Sitting At The Restaurant For 20 Minutes

When The DoorDash Driver Finally Arrives And You’re Ready To Devour Your Food Like A Savage

When You Order Doordash So Much That You Start To Recognize The Drivers And They Start To Recognize You

When You’re Waiting For Your Doordash Delivery And You See The Driver Go The Wrong Way On The Map

When You Accidentally Order Doordash To Your Old Address And Have To Chase Down The Driver

When You’re Trying To Decide Between Doordash Or Cooking And Realize You’re Too Lazy For Both

When You Finally Get Your Doordash Order And Realize They Forgot Your Extra Sauce

When You’re A Doordash Driver And You Arrive At The Restaurant But The Order Isn’t Ready Yet

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