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What do you do when your friend says something wrong over Whatsapp, or on any social media site? Yell at him? Tell him that he is wrong? Well, you can do better. Better and fewer words involved, send him a trump wong gif!


Donald Trump wrong gif is all over the internet! The moment you type in wrong, BAM!! A trump wrong gif opens.


These had become favorable during the last election and are still appropriate! Not only are these hilarious, but it can also tick off your friend for good.

It can be the ultimate option for you if you do not want to hear from that friend again. Just kiss him bye-bye with the Wrong Trump gifs! How cool is that?!

I had once sent one of my friends these Donald Trump Wrong gifs when he sent a wrong answer to a puzzle I had sent out to him. That was two years back. He still has not talked to me yet. ( Hey buddy I am sorry. I will never insult you with a wrong gif Trump again. I promise!)

But yes you ought to be careful while using these babies. While some may take the Trump wrong gif as a joke, you will find many who will take that as a political offense. In that case, you might just get bashed up for sending out these wrong gif Trump!

Lossing a few teeth over a gif may not be such a great deal. Thus, make sure you sent these out to people who appreciate the humor! Better safe than sorry mate!

Other than that, these gifs are fun to share. Try it on your girlfriend ONLY when YOU are wrong. You do not want to lose your girlfriend by calling her Lady Trump right?


So have a blast with these! Share with your friends and have fun!

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