I’ll bet that heading has my good ol’ writing friend James from Elance – the Average Genius in a right tizzy. But in answer to James – I’d prefer to be a cheat than a slogger! Gone are the days of me sloggin’ it online for almost every hour God indulges me with! Michelle over on PassiveIncomeOnlineBlog – I see you giggling, no? icon wink A SERIOUSLY COOL Tool for Wannabe BACKLINKING Cheats

Let’s cut to the chase here, shall we?

Now and again you come across cool tools that can really make your life a lot easier. It must be said that in the world of SEO there are far more un-cool tools than there are cool ones (SEO Linkvine oddly enoughs pops to mind here).

However, just recently I came across one tool that if it did what it promised it would do then fan-bloody-tastic! Sorry for the out-burst. Let me explain a bit…

The product is called Link Juicer, and its gotten me in a bit of dizzy tizz, you could say. And here is what it says on the tin.

Automatically marks your web pages, blogs, or articles on 35,944 social bookmarking and content accounts

Runs on autopilot

Builds links gradually to maintain natural link velocity

Upgrade your account as your needs increase, and get 1000′s or even 10′s of 1000′s of backlinks monthly

Converts your blog postings into executable (.exe) e-books and submits them to major software directories

Now I know Michelle is doing a bit of a study on this product (she thinks along similar lines to myself – why work your guts out every day if there is indeed an easier way?) and I know that a few others have already poo-pooed it, but here is my take on it.

The flippin’ thing works! How’s that then? The flippin’ tool works! And by-god does it free your time up to do other things.

A Seriously Cool Tool for Wanna be Backlinking ‘Cheats’
A Seriously Cool Tool for Wanna be Backlinking ‘Cheats’

Okay, let’s briefly talk cost here.

There is a free trial month, then it reverts to $47 a month for the basic account which allows for up to 50 links per day. Which is great, actually! Great value here! That’s going to be around 1500 links monthly.

Here is what I did. About 3 weeks ago I read a bit about it on a forum that I occasionally visit. Someone made a mention of this thing called Link Juicer. I thought “hmmm never heard of that, best go take a lookie”.

Within about a week I read up, took on the free month trial (of course, after all, who would not?) and that, as I said, was about 2 weeks ago.

Now I’m not expecting great results within 2 weeks. In fact, I did not expect to see anything much, cos these sort of backlinks are notorious for taking time to get working. Its not like Blog Blueprint (links to my BB review) where you can see real live results literally within days.

However, I thought I would check one site in the rankings within Google, that I have set up for a mere 15 links a day.

The only links I have to that site up till now are for 2 keyword phrases (one is ranking top in Google and definitely gets me sales from eBay – in fact the visitor uniques have almost trebled due to this fact alone – the web page slumped while I was working on other things and not cherishing the site whatsoever), but I’ve set the Link Juicer up to tackle some other keyword phrases too – 6 in all. Spreading the links a bit thinly then, so I was not expecting much in the way of results just yet.

I’m simply going to take rankings from Scroogle rather than checking with other proxies too. But this will provide for a decent idea about rankings, I’m sure you agree.

Now, a little about the chosen keyword phrases as this will provide a bit of an idea as to the size of the competition for ranking in Google .

One of them has 110k exact searches a month – global – according to Google stats. Another has some 74k exacts a month. Another has 33k monthly. The other 3 vary between 3k and 12k monthly search volume on a global basis. Take those stats as you will – remember that they are not set in stone by any stretch of the imagination.

Now this item that the website sells is something that can fetch prices of up to $80k US dollars! I think the average sale is about $40k US. So the comp is extreme – an affiliate commission for such a sale on eBay is going to really charge up your account. Plus the search volume is high.

Mind you, most of the sales I’m seeing on my site are for add-ons, so sadly I’m not seeing much in the way of the high-end sales. Hmmm, I guess that calls for a re-assessment of the average per sale. The kinda dumb moment I had there then icon smile A SERIOUSLY COOL Tool for Wannabe gaming Cheats

Never mind, the site does fairly well – it’s one of my winners.

Thus its not going to be easy whatsoever to rank for this type of keyword selection. I thought I would try, anyhow.

This tool – Link Juicer – once you set it up you simply forget it. Now, how easy can life get, right? And all this for $47 a month. So, if the tool actually is as good as it suggests, then we my dear reader, are onto a huge winner!!

Let’s assess the results so far, shall we….


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