If you are in a relationship then it okay to say that you fight with your girlfriend/boyfriend. We all do.

Though some fights are serious some are extremely cute. It is during those fights when your girlfriend comes running to attack you and she looks like a cookie monster, similar to those in a cookie monster gif.

The name cookie monster gif is hilarious in itself. A cute little thing as a cookie coupled with the ferocity of a monster. Its loaded with cuteness and this perhaps make cookie monster gif so widely popular.

If one starts imagining a cookie monster gif an image of a chocolate chip cookie with huge teeth chasing something comes in mind.

The image is so ultra cute that cannot be attacked.  This is similar to your girlfriend. When she comes running at you to punch you in the stomach its as adorable as the cookie monster gifs.

If you tall, dating a comparatively short girl the fun heightens! The cookie monster can barely reach your stomach!

But as seen in the cookie monster gifs, these super adorable creatures can be deadly at times. They might end up biting you. You may be smiling at the cuteness of your girlfriend when she is charging at you. But beware. She can actually come and bite your belly!

Ouch! that would hurt! Though cookie monster gifs can be cute they can cause you pain!

I had once shared some cookie monster gifs with a friend of mine. He found them so cute that he shared it with his girlfriend when she was angry.

For some reason, she got infuriated! The next day when he went to visit her, she pinned him down and bit his nose!

Wow! that way cookie monster gifs can be dangerous.

But no matter what, cookie monster gifs are fun nonetheless! It’s the best way to make the women in your life laugh. If you have ticked off your mother with your school grades and lack of hygiene, send her some cookie monster gifs to test the water. Then give her a hug if she doesn’t have any knives around!

However, cookies monster gifs will not work in the same way for your father. He may enjoy it, but if you start behaving like one, let’s face it, he might eat you


So here are some cookie monster gifs for you to share and enjoy with your friends!



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