Bikini Jeans

Have you come across a funny piece of clothing named bikini jeans? Wow! Don’t be surprised, there is something like that and its called the Bikini Jeans!

Not that I can think of any reasons why would you want to wear a bikini and jeans together, but just in case someday you want to show your back and cover your legs at the same time then you can surely opt for these Bikini Jeans!

Now coming to its origin, well, of course, it has an origin! Such funny clothing doesn’t just pop up from the thin air!

These outrageously weird bikini jeans were developed by Sanna’s Brazil Fashion, a renowned Japanese textile company.

So now if you wish you wear a pair of blue jeans and a string bikini together then you know which Japanese door to knock on!

Coming back to this extremely funny invention, low riding jeans are supposed to have long legs ( long legs and no butt), but how long can they go?

Sanna’ s Brazil fashion literally “dropped their pants” on this question to come up with a suitable answer. They combined the hotness of a G-String with the cool and comfy feel of a pair of denim! Some thoughts went into creating this I am sure!

The outcome is really stunning. The bikini cum jeans pair show exactly how much is the be shown and then covering the rest of the legs in long denim.

The bikini jeans had also made its appearance in a popular Japanese TV show. I am sure Japan lost a few elderly gentlemen seeing the lady in somewhat a very revealing pair of odd jeans. RIP and our heartfelt condolences to those poor souls who died such a “shocking and untimely death”

As per some reviews, the bikini jeans are not only sensuous to look at but is also extremely practical. Basically, the G-string that shows half of your buttons can securely hold the jeans to your hips! Great! so apart from common people ogling at your bare ass, you don’t have to worry about your jeans dropping down on the road to reveal any part of your legs. That is just great.

But I just have one question- where would one wear this? You cannot walk up on Park Avenue wearing this and you surely cannot get a tan with this on.

So where would be the ideal place to flaunt your pelvic bones and your crescent ass?

But hey, if you have figured out the right place to wear this, “bijini” is for you to buy!!

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