We all go through a lot of stress during our exams, isn’t it?  But worrying about the results isn’t going to help us in either way. So, why not to sit back and relax?  Here we come with our popular category of meme i.e. meme’s related to exams. Share the below-given meme amongst your friends so as to burst out your stress level along with your friends.

Here comes our first meme, which clearly shows us the reaction of both girls and boys when they confront their result. It’s obviously funny to see how girls cry even after getting such good marks and boys behaves like a chillax person even when they get only passing marks.

Almost every one of us is or have been afraid of the fact that how our parents will react to our exam results. Indian parents always do pressurize their kids to get good results even if the child does n’t have the interest to become engineers, doctors etc, as per according to their parents will. So here we come up with some memes that show the reaction of our parents to our results. Enjoy watching them out.

Let’s get down to the most important fact now. Have you ever faced the annoying behavior of your neighbors and relatives during your exam results? Yes, of course, most of us did. Relatives are always interested to get to know our marks rather than their own children. The intention of comparison is always fed in the minds of our relatives and neighbors. So here we come up with some of the memes related to our relatives and neighbors annoying behavior.

Share this image with your relatives by letting them know that if they don’t wish you on your birthdays then they probably don’t have any right to interfere in your business during your exam results.

Have you ever noticed that most of the events and our family functions fall during our exams?  It’s most likely to happen because how can anyone get to success without passing through obstacles (#according to Gods life criteria or theory). Here are some that can relate to the situation that is likely to come during our exams.

This post can definitely relate to you when any family function falls on the day of your exam, n you cannot decide whether to attend your exam or your family function. Obviously, you cannot skip your exam, so this meme definitely tells the situation of a student.

Share the above meme’s with your friends and take a chill pill during your exams. Burst out your stress by laughing out loud at these funny meme’s. Share some more meme in the comments down below so that we can add them up in our list.


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